1.Hazards and Warnings #

Manufacturer cannot be held responsible for failure by user to comply with the instructions in this manual.
Any service performed on this product must be completed by a qualified individual.
Replacement of this products must be performed by a qualified individual.
Failure to use this equipment in accordance with the specifications in this documentation could lead to a hazard.
No parts in this device should be replaced or removed.
Disconnect all power supplies before working on the equipment.

2.Certifications and Conformities #

  • EN 61000-6-2 :  Immunity for industrial environments
  • EN 61000-6-3 :  Emissions for residential environments
  • EN 55022 : Immunity IT equipment
  • EN 30022
  • EN 61010 :  IT equipment

3.References #

The LoRaWAN™ version of the SQUID allows currents to be measured up to 600A.

Kits with a SQUID-HC-LORAWAN, and all necessary accessories: A power supply with attachment to a DIN rail 230 VAC-5VDC (ref: ALIM-RAIL-5V), and a magnetic antenna for external mounting outside the cabinet (ref: ANTMAGNSUP)

Accessories :

Measurement clamps for SQUID-HC – Ø10mm – 75A eff max

Measurement clamps for SQUID-HC – Ø16mm – 100A eff max

Measurement clamps for SQUID-HC – Ø24mm – 300A eff max

Measurement clamps for SQUID-HC – Ø36mm – 600A eff max

Antenna with magnetic base

Power supply 230VAC – 5VDC attachment on DIN rail

4.Presentation #

5.Product description #

The SQUID is a sensor equipped with 12 current measurement clamps which send measured current values by means of a wireless LoRaWAN link.
The products sends the consumption index of the 12 clamps in Ah (in orange in the graph bellow) at configurable intervals.
The SQUID is powered by 5V DC by means of an external power supply.

6.Product installation #

Mounting and disassembly

This equipment must be installed on a DIN 35mm rail mounted horizontally on the electrical panel.
Make sure to snap the box properly into the DIN rail.
Make provision for the location of 5 modules to install the product on the electrical panel. To disassemble, use a flat head screwdriver to loosen the black clip located under the product.


A 5V DC-2A power supply must be used to power the SQUID. The wiring of the Safety Extra Low Voltage circuits must be maintained and kept separated from circuits carrying hazardous voltages.

  • Connection of the measurement  

Connect the measurement probes to the 12 connectors on the top and bottom of the equipment. Current must not exceed the maximum specification of the clamp.

7.Radio communications #

LoRaWAN™ Configuration

The SQUID periodically transmits current measurements performed on his 12 measurement clamps in the form of consumption indexes (Ah) via a LoRaWAN™ radio link
To be able to configure a SQUID on the LoRaWAN™ network, you must use the following codes:

  • DevEUI : This is a factory programmed identifier which makes each object unique and is indicated on the label of each product. E.g. 70B3D54750120168
  • As well as the two codes AppEUI and AppKey provided with your order.
Network connection process
  • Our products try to connect to the network when they start.
  • If it does not work, they will retry every 24 hours until it works.
Periodique network reconnection
  • Our products restart a network connection procedure every 7 days.
    These reconnections improve security.
    Indeed, reconnection to the network renews the encryption keys.
Transmission period
Payload descriptions

The SQUID-LoRaWAN transmits its data in a raw format on different public and private LoRaWAN™ networks.
The section below shows you how to decode the frames (PayLoad) sent by the SQUID.

Periodic frames

The periodic frames contain the data measured by the SQUID.

Example of a periodic transmitted frame (HEXADECIMAL):

Status frame

The status frames contain supplementary information concerning the sensors (battery level, firmware version, etc.)

8.Technical specifications #

  • Voltage : 5 VDC
  • Camps available :  4 different sizes (10, 16, 24 et 36 mm)
Measurement clamp inputs
  • Number of inputs : 12
  • Maximum consumption : 0,5A
  • Maximum current : 75A – 100A – 300A – 600A
  • Accuracy : +- 2%
  • Type of plug : SMA female                
  • Resistance : 50 ohms
  • Frequency : 868 MHz
  • Frequency : 868MHz
  • Maximum transmission power : 25mW
  • Communication distance : Up to 15km in open areas
  • Version : 1.0.3
  • Class : A
  • Field of use : indoors (IP20)
  • Operating temperature : From 5 to 60°C
  • Storage temperature : From -20°C to +70°C
  • Operating temperature : From 10 to 80%, without condensation
  • Maximum altitude : 2000 m
  • Power supply voltage fluctuation : +-10% of the nominal voltage
  • Degree of pollution :  2
  • Overvoltage category :   III
  • Dimensions (H X L X D) : 90,5 x 87,8 x 62 mm
  • BULK : 5 modules
  • Weight : 152 g
  • Mounting : Rail as DIN EN 6 0715 (1 x 35 mm)

9.Contact #

13, Rue Maurice Jeandon
88100 Saint-Dié des Vosges

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